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Programs and Workshops

Ocheami provides day-long workshops to extended residencies, as well as assembly and public performance programs. Fees are negotiable, stage requirements are uncomplicated, and study guides for the workshops are available.

There are currently five programs available as well as drumming and dancing workshops:

Program 1  |  Program 2  |  Program 3  |  Program 4  |  Program 5

Program 1

Africa Comes to You - A Hands-on Drumming Experience!

This innovative and exciting program provides an opportunity for students and staff to perform with Ocheami. We provide 35+ Jembe Drums and instant instruction for a deep cultural experience. Introductions, dance and storytelling are also included. This program works especially well for team building exercises in schools and businesses.

Program 2

An African Cultural Experience!

Ocheami provides a context for what is about to happen, usually beginning with African handclapping games.

Music and dance are one in West Africa and Ocheami provides a broad range of dance experiences that fall under the following categories: social, spiritual, or ceremonial.

Ocheami's authentic costumes are part of the activity.

Ocheami talks about and demonstrates the use of several traditional instruments, including original compositions by Kofi Anang. Ocheami provides all instruments, inviting hands-on experience for all involved.

Program 3

African Inspired Ceremonies

Choose from African inspired weddings, adornement ceremonies or rites of passage. You can have any length of performance with or without audience participation. Ocheami will work with you to present a meaningful and memorable performance experiemce.

Program 4

Ocheami Celebrates Nature Program

Ocheami Celebrates Nature Program aspires to captivate all participants, diverse in age, race and/or cultural experience, to take home ideas and dreams that engender a sense of belonging and a sense that we all have something of value to offer to the enhancement of nature.

Program Description - Performance and or workshops
African stories, music and dance over-flow with examples of the importance of nature to people, place, plants and animals. Our archetypal stories such as Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock, demonstrate the importance of honoring nature and all her critters. Everyone is important and everyone has an important place in the everyday lives we live.

From goat skins to gourds, African rhythm instruments that come from nature will be highlighted. Africans have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years and we hope to educate our audiences about this fact.

This is what we hope to accomplish by offering this program. Outcomes for this program:

  1. Share a great respect for Nature through African stories, music and dance
  2. Invite a sense of personal investment and involvement in youth toward enhancing and supporting, respecting and honoring our world
  3. Learn to see flora and fauna through a different lens
  4. Inspire a sense of belonging to Nature and caring for Nature.

Arts standards
1.2 Develops arts skills and techniques
1.3 Understanding and applying arts styles from various artists, cultures and times
1.4 Understand and applies audience conventions in a variety of settings and performance arts
2.1 Applies a creative process to the arts
2.2 Applies a performance and/or presentation in the arts
2.3 Applies a responding process to an arts performance and/or presentation of dance, music, theatre and visual arts
3.1 Uses dance to express feelings and present ideas
3.3 Develops personal aesthetic criteria to communicate artistic choices
4.1 - 4.5 Demonstrates how the arts shape and reflect culture

Social Studies standards
3.2 Understands human interaction with the environment.

World Languages standards
2.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture studied.

Integrated Environmental and Sustainability standards
1 Students develop knowledge of the interconnections and interdependency of ecological, social, and economic systems. They demonstrate understanding of how the health of these systems determines the sustainability of natural and human communities at local, regional, national, and global levels.

Communications standards
1 Student uses listening and observation skills and strategies to gain understanding
2 Student uses communications skills and strategies to interact/work effectively with others.

Program 5

Custom Designed For You!

Work with Ocheami to to develop your own program to fulfill your wants and needs.


Learn West African Drumming or Dancing

Members of Ocheami introduce you to the fundamentals of West African drumming or dancing. Emphasis is on learning and performing. Workbooks and drums are provided.

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